The Charming Appeal Of Wood-look Tiles

For anyone looking to add a warm, earthy undertone to their home, wood-look tiles are a great option to consider.

Wood look tiles are versatile and their different styles and trends will blend into your interior taste, creating a home full of warmth and cosiness.

We recommend these wood-look tiles as they:

  • incorporate unique visuals, such as painted woods & charred woods
  • come in different sizes including varying widths & lengths and patterns of tile making your flooring look like the real deal.
  • come in the contemporary pale tones of caramel, honey and raw oak as well as the darker classic shades of chestnut and walnut
  • are water resistant, which allows them to be placed in non-conventional places such as the shower, around pools, kitchens and bathrooms. Should there be an accident involving water, you needn’t stress about their floors being damaged.
  • aren’t easily scratched or damaged like its counterpart. This is a great advantage if placed in areas with high foot traffic.
  • are easily cleaned using water and a sponge.
  • do not need much upkeep – say no to waxes, polishes or oils.
  • are environmentally friendly as they only use a fraction of tree consumption.

The wood-look tiles are so versatile that you get to choose the exact shade and pattern you want, and since they are almost an exact replica of real wood, having all the variety that real wood has to offer, i.e. Mahogany, oak, chestnut, walnut etc, you have the option of combining the conventional flooring with these newer modern tiles.

Either way, with the wood-look tile, your home will be filled with the same charm conventional wooden flooring brings.

There is nothing quite as charming as wooden tiling to turn your house into a home.

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