The Impact of Colours

The interiors and exteriors of your home or business have a direct reflection of who you are, what you represent and how you portray yourself or your brand. The environment has a direct impact on a person’s mood, emotions, behaviour and rate of productivity. It is thus imperative to consider all aspects of design before implementing the renovation process.

The influences of colour are a huge determinant of human behaviour, therefore some form of knowledge and understanding is highly recommended.

Some aspects to consider:

Warm colours can be beneficial if used affectively. The key objective is to focus on creating a warm, productive environment, without triggering anxiety.

Cool colours can create a more laid back and calm approach, but can also trigger a sense of sadness.

What about tiles?
Most commonly, tiles are shades of white, grey and brown. Deciding on which tiles and colours would be most suitable for your area of renovation, can be a matter of make or break to the look and feel of a room. Here are recommended aspects to consider when choosing your tiles:

Size of a room
Darker colours often make a room feel smaller, but can also bring a sense of warmth. Lighter colours make a room feel larger but can also show a lot of dirt, if not regularly cleaned.

Shape of a room
Can influence what shape and size tiles would be most suitable.

Average temperature
If a room is generally cool; you should consider warm colours to give the sense of warmth and vice versa.

Colours of surrounding elements
When colours clash, it is unpleasing to the eye, resulting in tension. It is of human nature, to be attracted to symmetry, balance and flow.

What the room is used for
E.g. Industrial | Gender Specific | Bedroom | Office | Kitchen | Bathroom etc.

Remember, that less is more. Declutter your environment and bring a focus to fewer elements to avoid a claustrophobic feeling.

At Titan Tiles, we have professional interior designers that may help you decide accordingly, before executing your ideas into reality.


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