Tiling and Interior Trends for 2021

Tiling trends in East London and general interior design trends from one year to the next may change subtly or change drastically; therefore, it is important to be able to keep your eye on the ball to ensure you do not get left behind with regards to the popular design trends that are destined for this year. The trends for interior design in 2021 are proving to be rather surprising with quite a few new colour schemes making their appearance and once-popular trends becoming old news. Stay on top of tiling trends in East London!

The shiplap style of painted wooden planks orchestrated to resemble exterior shiplap walls are fading in popularity as other forms of texture are incorporated into the design such as plaster, tiles and living plant walls that are replacing this once contemporary design.

Grey for the Yay
The colour grey is considered a neutral, it was mostly used in only industrial looking Designs. Look at items such as your keyboard, cell phones etc. But has since become popular in modern spaces as well, therefore it can be used in ANY room. It can also be considered a cooler colour and can be brightened up by using colours such as indigo blue and green.

Creating all white spaces is also becoming outdated and being replaced by layering shades of greys and whites in combination with soft features to create a more exciting and vibrant design that stand out and can make a statement.

Accent walls
Accent walls have grown in popularity through the years. Changing with time from using only a simple colour to bright exuberant themes such as florals and animal prints. We see an increase of feature walls being used not only at entranceways but also though out the home in bedrooms and living areas. Although homes have become more streamline in design it is ever more important to create a feature wall to liven up the space.

The piecing apart of matching furniture sets
Matching furniture sets may look orderly and neat, but the current consensus is that this uniform look lacks personality and pizzazz. Mismatched furniture that complements each other is going to be the more popular choice for 2021.

Hand-crafted ceramic tiles as backsplashes
With a new year comes new variety and none more so than the change-up of uniform plain tiles for more interesting hand-crafted tiling.

Wicker and rattan furniture as unique furniture pieces
Rattan furniture is made from palm stems and wicker which is derived from willow twigs, are earthy and light weight furniture pieces, that will give your space a look that is inspired by nature. Although it is often used for interior spaces its most popular styled look is outdoors, as features in entertainment areas primarily. It can be used in conjunction with rustic settings to create a mixed modern design.

With so many design options on the horizon, you are more than likely to find something that appeals to your taste in the trends for 2021. If you are feeling inspired already by the decorating tips for this year and are looking for tiling options to suit your vision, contact us today for more helpful decor advice.


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