Titan Introduces the Mirage Range

If you haven’t yet heard the exciting news, Titan is proud to be adding the Mirage range to our portfolio of versatile and top-quality tile ware. Mirage designs and produces porcelain stoneware floors and coverings that are exclusively manufactured in Italy.

At Titan we value the unique heritage of skill, passion and efficiency that Mirage encapsulates and together with their expertise and innovation, they guarantee stability and reliability. At Titan we are also conscious of our environmental impact which is another reason we are excited to stock this new range. Mirage is involved in researching and developing products in line with European and international ecological parameters. Impressed? We are too!

In case we haven’t already convinced you of how great the Mirage range is, here are some features and benefits to get excited about.

  1. Versatile
    These floors and coverings come in a wide range of colours (over 60), sizes, thicknesses and finishes, making them versatile and easy to match any room in your home or workspace. These tiles can be used for multiple applications such as walls, facades, vanity tops, countertops, furniture and more! A worthy investment in our opinion.
  2. Durable
    The Mirage tiles live up to their reputation of high quality, durable materials by being resistant to most common acids (such as lemon juice, vinegar and Cola), being non-combustible (they do not burn nor produce toxic fumes), don’t stain and are more resistant to abrasion and wear that natural materials. The colours are fast and won’t fade or alter when exposed to the sun, weathering or smog. This means they maintain their overall integrity and appearance indefinitely. That’s a big green tick in our quality box.
  3. Size and Thickness Options
    Spoiled for choice, the Mirage range includes marble, stone, concrete, metal and wood effects that come in multiple sizes (from 30×60 to 162×3240) and thicknesses (9mm floors/ 6mm walls/Architecture/ 12mm countertops and more). Did you know that the 20mm options can be laid directly on grass, sand or stone? Amazing, we know.
  4. Multiple Surface Options
    Add flare and character to any room or space with Mirage surface options; natural, structured, age structured, SP Spazzolata and SLK Silk. They also come with slip ratings; R9/ R10/ R11 making it adaptable for indoor or outdoor areas.
  5. Environmentally Conscious
    There is no Planet B, so we need to do our best to be conscious of our natural world. You will be pleased to know that the Mirage materials are environmentally friendly. They don’t contain any waterproofing chemicals, varnishes or resins nor do they release Radon or other radioactive gases and they are not polished using lead. You won’t only be investing in a great product but also an eco-friendly one.

Titan is delighted to be adding the Mirage range to our stock. There really is no compromise when it comes to a product that offers quality, innovative home and work space design options, versatility and durability and is environmentally friendly. Mirage’s designer solutions are ideal for almost any setting, meeting the criteria for innovative architecture by combining aesthetics and technological performance, making it well worth the investment. That’s why Titan chooses the Mirage range and why you should too.


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