Upholstery Fabric Trends

Your home decor is an extension of your personality and therefore design, colour, and style are a matter of personal preference. Choosing the right living room furniture is especially important as this space is often the face of your home and the place you want to leave the best impression.

Adding those extra special details such as throw covers, scatter cushions and interesting rugs can complement and complete the theme you are looking for. The fabric trends in East London for this year are set to be bold and inviting which is ideal if you are feeling brave and adventurous and want to play around with new patterns, prints, and textures.

Novel Floral
Intricate Floral patterns are proving to be a popular choice as homeowners seek variety and interesting patterns to incorporate into their home decor. Graphic prints and rich deep colour palettes are also in high demand.

New trend alert
Red and copper tones and plush, velvety textures can make a room look cozy and inclusive but still provides that elegant and stylish touch.

Art deco design
Bring an artist’s touch to fabrics in the form of free-form brush strokes, colour block patterns, and the use of more monochrome palettes which are making a huge comeback this year.

The ever-popular yellow
Yellow is one of those magnetic colours that’s impossible to stay away from and it continues to remain as popular as ever. Bold and subdued tones of yellow compliment most natural earthy colours in a room and can even make these understated colours pop even more.

Classic natural and earthy tones
In a busy world nature and nature-inspired designs, fabrics and textures can restore that sense of calm and relaxation in a space so it is not surprising that many people are opting for more natural and simplistic designs in their decor.

Assorted scattered cushions
Making use of assorted scatter cushions to decorate plain and neutral colored couches can transform the overall look of your couches, and not only this but interchangeable cushion covers provide you with the flexibility to change your theme quickly and more cost-efficiently as opposed to having to change up your furniture set entirely.

Patterned rugs
Patterned rugs are a luxurious feature to add to any room and can draw the eye to similar patterns creating an interesting and well-rounded look for your living room space. Bright colours such as green, blue, and chartreuse are known to uplift the atmosphere in a room.

If you are in the mood to redesign your home and are looking for custom-made fabric and furniture to compliment your unique style pop into Titan to view their extensive range of fabric choices and to talk to their in-house interior designer for advice.


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