What are the top interior design trends for this year so far? After deliberating with several architects and interior designers, we have concluded that these are the top 4 interior ‘Must Have’s: 


Contrasts are all the rage this year! We love the collision of neutral tones like a soft grey paired with black, or charcoal accompanied by white. Using these contrasting colours, you are guaranteed a clean, modern looking finish.

Botanical/ Floral & Animal Print: 

From your throw pillows to your flooring, botanical/ floral & animal print is seemingly popular this year. All the wonderfully different textures breathe life into any space. You also have such a wide variety of colours and shapes to work with.

A Splash of Colour

Paired beautifully with the contrast trend, this year is all about getting funky with your furniture. Adding a splash of colour to your living space is the next big thing!

Grey, Grey, Grey:

You heard it here first, the colour of the year regarding interiors is grey. Absolutely timeless and easy to contrast, grey is the pantone you want to be using. 

Source: https://cifrereport.cifreceramica.com/en/interior-trends-for-2019/


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